Collection: Rapé

Rapé (pronounced “ha-pay”) is a natural herbal snuff sustainably sourced from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon where it is has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

Rapé is made from the ashes of various plants and combined with sacred tobacco into a fine, aromatic powder that is blown into the nostrils.

Cosmos Healing recommends using rapé for:

  • Chakra cleansing - rapé is a potent energetic cleanser, each rapé blend clears different chakra points in the body
  • Medicinal purposes - rapé can assist with clearing headaches, sinusitis, rhinitis and other respiratory issues
  • Spiritual ally - rapé is deeply grounding which assists with meditation practices
  • Reprogramming - rapé can be used with intention to break habits that no longer serve you (Grandfather Tobacco assists with the breaking of contracts and the creation of new contracts) 

Mix & Match Offer - choose any two 3 gram rapés for R270 (R30 saving) or any three 3 gram rapés for R360 (R90 saving). The discount will be automatically applied to your cart.