We understand that the vast landscape of plant medicine can feel a little overwhelming. For individuals who are seeking bespoke advice, we invite you to book a consultation with our Founder and Plant Alchemist, Caroline Palframan.

Meet Caroline

Caroline is a Plant Alchemist and Change Strategist who enables healers and conscious leaders to expand their capacity to serve others.

Caroline has spent nearly two decades of her life exploring the variety of modalities available to help us heal from intergenerational trauma and addiction.

In liberating ourselves from programs and patterns that keep us trapped in cycles of suffering, we step into sovereignty and activate our gifts.

As a Eutierrian, Caroline has an enormous love and appreciation for powerful plant allies and their ability to assist humans in healing body, mind and soul.

Caroline launched Cosmos Healing to help individuals find the path back to healing with Nature. She believes there is a plant to heal every human ailment.

Caroline has trained as a strategic life coach, regenerative leader, yoga instructor and psychedelic facilitator.

She hosts cleanses and retreats incorporating sacred plant allies which support clients in healing trauma, removing systemic programming and embodying more of their soul.

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  • Plant Alchemy

    Indigenous communities have been using plant medicine for thousands of years to honour nature, discover personal truths, and connect to the divine. Caroline's unique wisdom helps individuals reconnect to the healing power of plant allies.

  • Transformation

    Strategy and change management are two of Caroline's superpowers. She spent twenty years in the corporate world leading multimillion-dollar change initiatives. This expertise supports clients in bringing about the change they desire.

  • Regeneration

    The path to sustainability is created through regenerative practices. How we care for ourselves is mirrored by our environment. Cosmos Healing is for individuals who understand that the path to healing our planet starts with healing ourselves.