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Ceremonial Rapé | Katukina Tribe | Auric Cleansing

Ceremonial Rapé | Katukina Tribe | Auric Cleansing

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This is a potent blend of four powerful rapés - Jurema Branca, Ayahuasca, Sananga and Cumaru. 

Jurema branca (white mimosa) is strong in the mental field, calming thoughts and bringing concentration. It also provides access to lucid dreaming and a connection with the spiritual world. The powder obtained from grinding the bark of Mimosa verrucosa is very efficient in the treatment of burns, acne, skin problems, as it has an antimicrobial, analgesic and cell regenerating effect.

The Ayahuasca rapé is made with leafs of the Banisteriopsis Caapi tree – of which the vine is one of the main components of Ayahuasca. Caapi contains harmine and harmaline, which are MAO-inhibiting alkaloids. Therefore, it can strongly enhance the effects of other psychedelic substances – which is why this Rapé blend is often used in Ayahuasca ceremonies. 

The Sananga blend creates a strong movement of liquids in the nose, face, brain, and lymphatic system of the whole body. It works on the higher chakras, opening one to intimate states of contemplation and relaxation. 

Cumar is strong and sensational and can put you in a trance-like state. It will clear the energy centers of your head and open your air passages, allowing for clarity and the receiving of messages. The Cumaru blend is particularly good for meditation and grounding. If there is a specific issue that you hope to gain clarity or insight on, this is a great blend for you.

Potential Benefits

  • Concentration
  • Connection
  • Cleansing
  • Grounding
  • Meditation


  • Administer your rapé using a kuripe (a sacred pipe used to self administer medicinal rapé & herbal snuffs)
  • Place a pea sized amount of rapé on your left palm 
  • Scoop half of the rapé into the long end of your kuripe
  • Take several deep breaths and set your intention(s)
  • Place the short end of the kuripe in your mouth and the long end in your left nostril and blow the rapé up your left nostril
  • You will always administer the left nostril first and the right nostril second as the left symbolises the past (that which you are letting go of) while the right nostril represents the future (that which you are calling in)
  • It is always beneficial to use the sacred pause between the two applications to contemplate that which you are letting go of / calling in
  • When ready, scoop the remaining rapé on your left palm into the long end of the kuripe and blow into your right nostril
  • Have a few tissues ready as you may experience some burning in the eyes and your nose might run a little bit 
  • Sit quietly with your eyes closed and enjoy the beautiful calming and grounding sensation 

Care Instructions

  • Store in a cool, dry place


  • 3 grams, 6 grams, 9 grams


  • Jurema Branca (Mimosa verrucosa), Ayahuasca, Sananga, Cumaru and tobacco (Nicotiana tobacum)


  • Vegan 
  • Organic
  • GMO free
  • No artificial flavouring and colouring
  • Palm oil free
  • Free of dairy, wheat, gluten, rye and tree nuts
  • Comes in recyclable packaging
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