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Shungite Seed of Life Necklace | EMF Protection

Shungite Seed of Life Necklace | EMF Protection

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A shungite necklace is one of the most effective protective tools against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress. Moreover, it may help with throat and breathing problems. Wearing a shungite necklaces on a daily basis can relieve pain in the neck and head. This stylish accessory will also be a source of positive energy that will contribute to your well-being.

Potential Benefits

  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection 
  • 5G Protection
  • Eases Physical Ailments
  • Protects from Negative Energy
  • Balances Emotions


  • Wear on a daily basis to maximise the benefits

Care Instructions

  • Smudge occasionally with palo santo or white sage


  • Shungite Seed of Life Necklace
  • Please be advised that shungite items may have infusions of golden-colored pyrite. It means that in the place where the stone was found there were streaks of pyrite in the same layer. Typically these infusions are not so noticeable on polished shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved shungite pendants due to specific features of the manufacturing process. Pyrite streaks do not compromise the quality of shungite and its properties and look like small streaks.  

About Shungite 

Shungite is a black and lustrous mineraloid that was first sourced from a deposit near Shunga Village in Karelia, Russia, which is the origin of its name.

Shungite is estimated to be 2 billion years old but its origin is a mystery. It may have formed through the metamorphism of crude oil, due to microorganisms in nearby water or due to a large meteorite colliding with earth. 

Shungite is made up of up to 99% carbon including fullerenes (molecules made of 60 atoms), as well as nearly every mineral on the periodic table. 

Russians have long considered shungite to have invigorating and cleansing powers, having used it as a water purifier and disinfectant since the 1700's. Peter the Great set up Russia's first shungite stone spa in Karelia and pioneered its use to provide water to the Russian army.

Shungite's water purification abilities are well-established. Scientific studies have shown that shungite can remove both organic and inorganic substances, harmful bacteria such as E.coli and heavy metals from contaminated water.

Shungite is also effective at protecting against electromagnetic fields and is believed to clear stagnant energy and release repetitive patterns of behaviour. 

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