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Elite Shungite Chips 50g | Water Mineralisation and Purification

Elite Shungite Chips 50g | Water Mineralisation and Purification

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Found only in Karelia, Elite Shungite contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table which transforms water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance. Research has shown that shungite absorbs that which is hazardous whether it be pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. When you add Elite Shungite to your water, not only will it increase the mineral content, it will also purify your water by removing any harmful microorganisms and pollutants. 

In addition, water infused with Elite Shungite becomes full of hydrated fullerenes which boost the regenerative ability of human tissue and influences the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve your resistance to stress. The antioxidants present in shungite water will also assist in removing free radicals which helps boost your immune system and prevent disease.

You can also use shungite water to wash your face and body which improves the elasticity of skin and gives it a healthy glow, as well as clearing acne, psoriasis, and skin redness. Taking a shungite bath removes negativity, toxins and electromagnetic energy from your body to physically and digitally detoxify you. 

Potential Benefits

  • Water Mineralisation
  • Water Purification
  • Boost Cellular Regeneration
  • Boost Immunity


  • Rinse the chips thoroughly under running water
  • Drop them into a water container or jug 
  • Fill with water
  • Allow to sit for 24 to 48 hours before drinking – the water becomes very acidic during the first three hours
  • Cleanse and charge the chips in the sunlight at least once a month and depending on the quality of your water, you can reboil the Elite Shungite every 4 to 6 months
  • Change the stones every 2 to 3 years - filtration capacity diminishes
  • If you use spring water, the Elite Shungite can last up to 5 years


  • Elite Noble Shungite Chips 50 Grams
  • Chip Size: 0.25 to 0.50 Inches
  • Shape: Raw Shungite (Unshaped)
  • Please be advised that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only

      About Shungite 

      Shungite is a black and lustrous mineraloid that was first sourced from a deposit near Shunga Village in Karelia, Russia, which is the origin of its name.

      Shungite is estimated to be 2 billion years old but its origin is a mystery. It may have formed through the metamorphism of crude oil, due to microorganisms in nearby water or due to a large meteorite colliding with earth. 

      Shungite is made up of up to 99% carbon including fullerenes (molecules made of 60 atoms), as well as nearly every mineral on the periodic table. 

      Russians have long considered shungite to have invigorating and cleansing powers, having used it as a water purifier and disinfectant since the 1700's. Peter the Great set up Russia's first shungite stone spa in Karelia and pioneered its use to provide water to the Russian army.

      Shungite's water purification abilities are well-established. Scientific studies have shown that shungite can remove both organic and inorganic substances, harmful bacteria such as E.coli and heavy metals from contaminated water.

      Shungite is also effective at protecting against electromagnetic fields and is believed to clear stagnant energy and release repetitive patterns of behaviour. 

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