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Cosmos Healing

Cosmos Healing California White Sage 22cm Stick

Cosmos Healing California White Sage 22cm Stick

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Sage is one of the most sacred of traditional Indigenous medicines. Is has been used for thousands of years as both food and medicine, and as a smudge (cleansing ceremony) to kill germs and dispel negative energy from people, places, and objects.

Research continues to prove what Indigenous People have known for millennia about the benefits of smudging to purify the environment and set the space for healing. In 2006, a scientific paper titled Medicinal Smokes was published, containing research information from 50 countries on five continents regarding the ancient practice of using botanical smoke as a medicinal aid for lung, brain and skin function, as well as an air purifier. The research indicated that smoke from a variety of herbs is highly effective in reducing up to 94% of airborne bacteria for twenty-four hours, and in some cases much longer. A follow-up paper was published in 2007, in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, which also concluded that in addition to health benefits, smudging is a powerful antiseptic. Unlike chemical air purifiers that only mask the smells in the air, Sage is also 100% natural and less likely to cause allergic reactions for people with scent sensitivities.

Grown on private land in the mountains around California, Cosmos Healing's white sage is carefully picked and prepared by trained workers who hand tie each bundle one-by-one.

Our sage is sustainably grown and collected - that is our #1 priority.

Beautiful blue cotton string binds the leaves together to make an extra large 22cm stick, ready for space cleansing & smudging.

Potential Benefits

  • Purifies the air by killing 94% of airborne bacteria
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Improves mood and decreases stress
  • Eases asthma, allergies, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions


  • Open the windows and pull back the curtains to allow the air to flow freely. 
  • Set your intention (what you wish to achieve from cleansing your space).
  • Light the sage stick using a candle.
  • Some people hold the smudge stick in their hand and waft the smoke around (using a bowl to catch any debris) but it is also possible to put the smudge stick in a fireproof vessel and direct the smoke with a large feather.
  • When you are ready, go around the room in a methodical fashion moving in a clockwise direction. Include all the corners going from top to bottom (or bottom to top). You can waft the smoke underneath desks and tables, behind doors and sideboards, over and around objects in the room including the sofa and plants.
  • Pay attention to anywhere you feel might be a hotspot for negative energy to have collected. Maybe there is a certain seat someone sits in who is angry, depressed or negative? Maybe there is a certain place where a falling out occurred or cross words were exchanged?
  • Watch and pay attention to the patterns and shapes of the smoke. You might notice interesting things as you move around the room. You can also repeat a prayer or mantra such as "I cleanse this space of all negative energy. May only light and love reside here."
  • You can smudge one room or move slowly and go through every room in the house at your own pace.
  • Once your smudging practice has concluded, extinguish the smudge stick in your bowl or in soil in the garden.


  • 22cm (9 inch) California White Sage Stick 
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