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Cosmos Healing

ATMA: 7 Day Guided Cleanse (excluding full cleanse kit)

ATMA: 7 Day Guided Cleanse (excluding full cleanse kit)

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Be supported through a parasite cleanse, a gut cleanse and a liver cleanse from the comfort of your own home. This option does not include the comprehensive cleanse.

What's Included

  • 22 page step-by-step guide outlining the cleanse protocols 
  • Comprehensive shopping list
  • Vegan recipe book for the 7 days
  • Enema recipes for the 7 days
  • Guided meditations for the 7 days
  • Support via WhatsApp or Telegram 

      Potential Outcomes

      • Clear out old faecal matter
      • Detoxify and cleanse your liver
      • Remove heavy metals and toxins
      • Remove chemicals and pesticides
      • Remove gallstones
      • Remove parasites and worms
      • Remove bad bacteria, viruses and yeast
      Potential Benefits
      • Increase energy and stamina
      • Improve mental and emotional health
      • Reduce pain and inflammation
      • Improve gut health
      • Strengthen immune system
      • New toolkit to detoxify the body
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